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12 Tips Lawyers Can Use Today To Improve Their SEO Law firm SEO is really no different than SEO for any other business or organization--with one small exception: A law firm using SEO understands specifically how potential clients find lawyers and search for legal information. This understanding ...

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People Visit Your Website But Then What? Can You Find Out? I had a conversation with an attorney the other day who told me he wasn’t getting any business from his website. Oh really? So the first thing I did was check his position on Google for a few keywords that I felt like pe...

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Before you decide to hire a website design or online marketing company to build your next website, it's helpful to know what questions to ask during your initial interview. But that can be difficult if you're not familiar with the web design industry. That's why we've done the work for you. ...

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If you’re looking to get clients as a lawyer , I’ve got a question for you: Have you ever heard the old saying, “If you’re not measuring, you’re not marketing”? That old saying underscores a huge problem with conventional wisdom which says referrals and word of m...

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In my line of work, I routinely consult with attorneys who want to acquire clients from the web. During our strategy sessions, there's always one thing I can expect to happen: Their focus will gravitate toward the visual aspects of the web design process, almost to the exclusion of everything else....

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So you’re ready to take the leap into online sales and integrate eCommerce tools into your website. There are a host of eCommerce solutions available, but selecting the right one can feel overwhelming. Ecwid (the name stands for “eCommerce widgets,”) is a great choice for people...

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The market is saturated with “one-size-fits-all” products that are designed to suit just about any business marketing need. However, when it comes to small business web design packages, don’t get fooled by these tactics. A website design should be as unique as your business is. Tha... Read More

You’ve decided that your company website needs a major re-design. But, before you decide to hire a website redesign company there are some important things you need to consider. After all, redesigning a website is a partnership that requires both you and the chosen website redesign company to ... Read More

B2B website design has its challenges. In fact, all website design projects have their own unique challenges. However, when it comes to B2B website design, extra precaution must be taken if your goal is to drive traffic, generate leads, and increase sales. A poorly designed website can backfire. W... Read More

You might be wondering what makes for really good business website design? The best business website designs focus on a specific target audience, contain compelling content, include strong calls to action and eliminate distracting graphics and images. This is not to say that the best busin... Read More

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